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Tooth Removal in Charlotte, NC

At our dentist office in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are in the business of saving teeth and creating beautiful smiles. However, sometimes a tooth needs to be pulled for orthodontic reasons or because it is badly decayed or damaged. For gentle tooth removal, there is no better place to go than Carolina Dental Arts of Blakeney in Charlotte, North Carolina.

You can't handle the pain, and we don't want you to. The family dentists at our practice specialize in painless dental extraction, including wisdom tooth removal. By using Novocain, numbing swabs, and other techniques, we make sure you have a pain-free experience. A few of the reasons tooth removal is necessary include:

• Preparation for Braces
• Teeth Overcrowding
• Severe Tooth Decay or Infection
• Severe Gum Disease
• Teeth in the Fracture Line
• Fractured Teeth
• Insufficient Space for Wisdom Teeth
• Impacted or Overcrowded Wisdom Teeth

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Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal

There's nothing wise about undergoing painful wisdom teeth removal. Make an intelligent decision when you need wisdom teeth extraction by coming to Carolina Dental Arts of Blakeney in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to providing general anesthesia, we use advanced techniques and tools to expertly remove your wisdom teeth. This ensures swift recovery time and reduces post-operative pain.

Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Should they stay or go? That is an excellent question when you are considering wisdom tooth extraction. When most adults are 18, they have 32 teeth. However, the average adult mouth only holds 28 teeth. That means something has got to go. The need for wisdom tooth extraction is based on the size of your mouth, the position of your wisdom teeth, and other dental considerations.

The caring and experienced dentists at our office can determine if the procedure is right for you. If it is necessary, then it is better to arrange for wisdom teeth extraction sooner rather than later. This minimizes the surgical risk involved in treatment and also avoids future problems. During the procedures, we provide a safe environment, anesthesia, and modern equipment to help you feel relaxed before, after, and during the surgery.

Contact us to speak with our friendly dental staff about our pain-free tooth removal services. We serve patients in Charlotte and surrounding areas, including Mt. Holly, Newell, Mint Hill, Matthews, and Ballantyne, North Carolina.